• What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We only accept secure payments through PayPal.

  • How Do I Start Winning?

3 easy-peasy steps:

  1. Create a free account through our homepage
  2. Download Fragify.
  3. After your payment is processed, you can log-in through our “Fragify” tool and start owning.
  • What Is Your Delivery Time?

Almost instant! Once your payment is processed, start owning with Fragify!

  • Is It True That Fragify Is Undetected?

100% true, using Fragify’s unique stealth mode, you will never get detected by modern anti-cheat tools. Happy frags!

  • My Friend Got Banned Using Fragify!

No hacks/spoofs/cheats guarantee a ban-free experience. Push too far and you will get caught by ban-police!

With Fragify, you know that you are undetected! Play under the radar, pay 2 frag, not to brag!

(However, if you get caught, let us know and we will help whenever we can!)